Mobile OS & Application Issues | CompTIA A+ 220-1002 | 3.4

In this video you will learn about common symptoms & issues associated with mobile operating systems.

Common Symptoms

The following mobile device issues are discussed in chapter 5 of the A+ 220-1001 Core 1 (Hardware) exam.

System Lockout

A system lockout is a security feature used with operating systems & services with a login that locks any account with failed login attempt more than a set parameter. If a user has forgotten their password, PIN, or pattern code and make too many attempts to login to the device, the user will blocked from gaining access to the device. To gain access to an Android device after being locked out, a user will need to know their Google login information and provide this information when prompted to restore access to the device. If this information is unknown, you may have to perform a hard reset which would delete all data and apps associated with that device. To regain access to an iPhone after being locked out, a user can use iTunes to restore the device if they previously used iTunes to back up the device.

App Log Errors

App log errors is simply log information about the mobile device when errors occur, but are not accessible from the phone themselves. Usually, to gain access to these logs requires the use of software developer tools. App log errors can happen due to numerous reasons, but some of the most common are:

  • Recent OS update conflicts with an app.
  • Installed apps that need to be updated.
  • App authentication that needs to be updated.

Simply updating a device typically solves most of these problems. However, if problems persist after an update you can try these 2 basic steps to resolve most problems:

  1. Fully shut down the device.  If this solves the issue, you can stop here.
  2. If Step 1 does not solve the issue, follow these steps:
    1. Delete the app.
    2. Shut down the phone again.
    3. Restart the phone.
    4. Download a fresh version of the app.