CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61 Certification

CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61 Course Playlist

Greetings everybody. My name is Gee and I want to welcome you all to my CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) course for exam number FC0-U61. The information that I will be presenting in this course is going to give you everything you need to know to successfully pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals examination, assuming you properly study. Before we get into the lectures, I want to explain exactly who this course is primarily designed for to help you figure out as to whether or not this particular IT class is relevant to you.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is considered by most people in the IT profession to be an entry level certification.  According to CompTIA, the IT Fundamentals is an introduction to basic IT knowledge and skills that helps professionals decide if a career in IT is right for them. It also helps organizations prepare non-technical teams for digital transformations. Essentially what that is saying is, the IT Fundamentals course is the most elementary IT certification one could attain.  The IT Fundamentals course is primarily designed for students in middle school & high school to get them familiar with basic concepts pertaining to information technology. Also this certification is designed for people who have very little to no knowledge about information technology at all beyond the ability to press the power button on a device and navigate to their favorite website or app.  Those groups of people are who the IT Fundamentals certification is primarily designed for.

The certification is designed to introduce complete newbies to the wonderful world of IT by covering very basic elementary information technology concepts. Now with that being said, please do not make the mistake of thinking that this is a type of fly-by course to where you can just half way pay attention and pass with flying colors, because chances are if you are not remotely versed in the world of IT beyond turning on your smartphone to watch a YouTube video, you will fail this exam if you don’t properly study and prepare.  Another aspect to consider as you prepare for the exam is the cost, which I’ll cover in a minute. Just understand, when it comes to CompTIA examinations, before you can sit down to take the exam, you have to pay the exam fee ahead of time to schedule your examination and if you do not pass your exam, you do not get a refund. If you do fail, you will have to pay the exam fee all over again if you want to attain that certification. So please keep that in the back of your mind as you prepare for your future examination.

What Skills Will You Learn?

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam will focus on 6 primary areas of study, which are also known as domains.

  • (1.0) IT CONCEPTS & TERMINOLOGY will make up 17% of the exam
    • This domain focuses mainly on the comprehension of notational systems, illustrating the basics of computing and explaining the value of data and troubleshooting.
  • (2.0) INFRASTRUCTURE will make up 22% of the exam
    • This domain will teach you how to set up and install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC or secure a basic wireless network.
  • (3.0) APPLICATION & SOFTWARE will make up 18% of the exam
    • This domain will teach you how to manage applications software, understand the various components of an operating system & explain the purpose of methods of application architecture.
  • (4.0) SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT will make up 12% of the exam
    • This domain will help you with the comprehension of programming language categories, interpreting logic, & understanding the purpose of programming concepts.
  • (5.0) DATABASE FUNDAMENTALS will make up 11% of the exam
    • This domain will help you to be able to explain database concepts, structures, and purpose, as well as understand methods used to interface.
  • (6.0) SECURITY will make up 20% of the exam
    • This domain will help you to understand a concept known as the CIA Triad, which stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability as it relates to securing devices along with best practice methods.

Why Would You Benefit from ITF+?

So in case you wondering if this certification will benefit you, understand that technology is literally in every facet of our lives somehow someway, especially for those of us who live in what are considered first world nations. In 2017, nearly 5.4 million individuals worked as technology professionals across the US, representing an increase of 2.1%, or nearly 110,000 IT jobs. Twelve years ago, technology spending outside of IT was 20% of total technology spending; it will become almost 90% rolling into the new decade of 2020 and beyond. So essentially, all employees in the workforce will need some fundamental IT skills to utilize these technologies. The CompTIA ITF+ certification will help you get a general understanding of these technologies.

CompTIA ITF+ Exam Details

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61, which is the latest & greatest exam version, was launched September 4, 2018.  At the time of this posting, CompTIA has not scheduled a retirement date for this exam, but normally 3 years after the launch of an exam is when you can expect for that exam to be officially retired so they can begin introducing the latest version.  The exam has a maximum of 75 questions. The questions are presented in multiple choice format and you will have 60 minutes to complete the exam. In order to pass the exam, you will need to score 650 points out of a possible 900 points on the exam.  A candidate taking this exam does not need any prior IT experience or any prior IT certifications. At the time of this posting, the FC0-U61 exam is only available in English. The company that is responsible for administering the test is Pearson VUE Testing Centers.  Finally, the cost of the CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U61 exam is $123 USD.