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With a plethora of online resources, you can virtually learn anything for nowadays for either free or extremely affordable prices. For example, here are my curriculums for entry-level IT certifications to help newbies break into the IT industry.

However, if you are seeking a premium learning experience that is well-structured, I high recommend Coursera, an online learning platform. Coursera stands out from other course providers due to its partnerships with renowned universities & companies. Upon course completion, you can even receive professional certificates directly from these institutions.

A Few Coursera Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to thousands of courses, projects, & professional certificates, allowing you to learn anything and improve your skills.
  • Unlimited Professional Certificates issued directly by renowned institutions such as Google, Meta, & Stanford at no extra cost.
  • Flexible Learning at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection with just a laptop or phone.
  • Affordable Pricing of$59/month, cancelable anytime, or $399/year with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

While a professional certificate may not be a replacement for a college degree or work experience, it demonstrates that you’re committed to learning and willing to invest in your personal development. Besides, obtaining a certification gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is an excellent way to measure your progress and feel proud of your educational achievements!

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