CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) FC0-U61 Certification Training

Start Your Career in IT & Increase Your Earning Potential!

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) FC0-U61 Certification Training


Who Would Benefit From This Program?

  • Students & career changers considering a future working in IT.
  • Professionals working in fields that require a broad understanding of IT.
  • Marketing, sales & operations staff in IT-based organizations.
  • People who need an instructor-led training program to hold them accountable.

Tech Gee’s Professional Background

Program Overview

  • 100% Online
    • Structured curriculum for the ITF+ FC0-U61 exam.
      • You will be given assignments & your work will be graded to ensure you are thoroughly prepared to pass your certification exam.
    • 1-on-1 coaching/tutoring sessions.
    • Tech resume preparation training.
    • 12 months of training access.
    • On-demand training so you can train when it’s convenient for you.
    • No books. All you need is a computer & an Internet connection.
  • Practice Lab Simulations to Reinforce Lessons Learned
    • 100+ real-world scenarios entry-level IT professionals face on the job.
    • Interact with hardware & software inside real-world office & networked environments with the latest technology & software tools used by professionals.
    • Gain on-the-job experience with tasks such as upgrading a computer’s video card & making a webpage interactive with JavaScript.
    • Learn fast with instant graded feedback from simulated lab exercises.
  • Tons of Quizzes & Practice Exams to Get You Prepared for the ITF+ Certification
    • Graded quizzes & practice exams throughout the program.
    • CompTIA CertMaster Practice exams for ITF+ included.
      • Click HERE for CertMaster Practice exams information.
  • Exam Vouchers are Included in the Program
    • ITF+ FC0-U61 exam costs are covered.
      • Click HERE for CompTIA exam voucher information.

Program Training Goals

By the end of the program, students will be able to do the following:

  • Comprehend notational systems, illustrate the basics of computing & explain the value of data and troubleshooting.
  • Set up & install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC & secure a basic wireless network.
  • Manage application software, understand the various components of an operating system & explain the purpose of methods of application architecture.
  • Comprehend programming language categories, interpret logic, & understand the purpose of programming concepts.
  • Explain database concepts, structures, & purposes, as well as understanding methods to interface a database.
  • Understand confidentiality, integrity, & availability concerns of secure devices and best practice methods.
  • Successfully pass the CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 certification exam.

How Will You Benefit From the Program?

  • Differentiate Yourself
    • 96% of hiring managers use IT certifications to screen qualified candidates.
    • Many HR managers believe candidates with certifications are more competent & faster to adapt to their new job.
    • With proven knowledge & skills, you have a better chance of getting hired than other candidates.
  • Strengthen Your Resumé
    • Tech employment increased by 25% during 2022.
    • Projected to be 1.8 million unfilled tech jobs in 2024.
    • Over 3.6 million tech jobs in the U.S.
    • 90% of HR managers indicate that relevant IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process.
    • Employers perceive certifications as a critical characteristic of a successful employee.
  • Receive Better Compensation
    • Median tech salary is 125% higher than median national wage in the U.S.
    • Certified IT professionals tend to earn 15% more than non-certified professionals.
    • Many organizations evaluate relevant IT certifications to help determine promotions & raises.
  • Career Stability
    • Tech has a 1.7% unemployment rate.
    • Over 98% of tech employees have a job no matter what’s going on in the economy.

Tech Gee Certification Training Testimonial

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